Press Release – 24-08-2014

The Netherlands win the international football championship for children with diabetes!


Seventh edition of Medtronic Junior Cup Diabetes ended Sunday 24 August in Arnhem (NL)
Special awards to Spain and the United Kingdom


The Netherlands won this year’s edition of the Medtronic Junior Cup Diabetes. Yet the participants’ radiant faces show a different reality: all are winners in the fight to cope with diabetes in their daily life.


The Olympic Sports Centre Papendal in the Dutch town of Arnhem is used to loud supporters’ cheers during the matches of local football club Vitesse. It rarely saw more excitement than this weekend though. Children with type 1 diabetes had come from 12 countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Switzerland) to compete for the trophy. Hundreds of spectators shared the excitement of the final, won by The Netherlands against Belgium (2-0). Besides the title, two special trophies were awarded: the fair play award sponsored by the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) went to the team of the United Kingdom and the Spanish team won the diversity trophy for the best boys/girls and age mix.       


For many of the 10 to 14 year old patients and their carers this tournament also offered a rare opportunity to meet persons facing similar situations and to exchange experiences in managing diabetes. The children enjoyed making new friends while playing football. “Serving our patients is our mission and providing them with a positive diabetes experience makes us happy and proud”, says Annette Brüls, Vice President Medtronic Diabetes for Western Europe and Canada. “All teams came here to win and gave their maximum, yet there was always a spirit of fair play and respect”, says Bas van de Goor of World Cup Diabetes, which is managing this edition.


Medtronic Junior Cup Diabetes is part of an effort to promote the practice of sports among children with type 1 diabetes. Physical activity has been recognized as being safe and rewarding for people with type 1 diabetes, provided their glucose levels are well monitored. Practising sports helps young patients manage their condition and rise above it. Type 1 diabetes is the most widespread chronic disease among children. There is no preventive therapy for this auto-immune disease. It grows at an alarming annual rate of 5% in pre-school children and 3% in school children and adolescents. Patients require insulin to control their glucose levels.


Medtronic Junior Cup Diabetes has been organised by Medtronic ( since 2007. The Diabetes business at Medtronic is the world leader in advanced diabetes management solutions. The 2014 edition was managed by World Cup Diabetes, created by Bas van de Goor, former Olympic volleyball champion with type 1 diabetes and active promoter of sports for diabetes patients.



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